coloniaLab is an experimental workshop for the collaborative electronic edition of manuscript and rare print texts related to early Latin America. I founded coloniaLab in 2015 and serve as the faculty leader and general editor.

Editing the Eartha M.M. White Collection is a collaborative digital public history project based at the University of North Florida that focuses on the personal and professional papers of Eartha M.M. White, a businesswoman, philanthropist, activist, and key figure in the African American history of Jacksonville. l co-founded this project with Dr. Aisha Johnson-Jones in 2016 and has served as the faculty leader and general editor since that time.

Revista Tierra is a digital edition in progress of the 32 issues of the third series (1923) of Tierra, a propagandistic and educational publication of the Socialist Party of Southeastern Mexico. Estefanía Damiana Leyva Loría is the director and general editor of this project, for which I am technical director.

The North Florida Editorial Workshop engages students in the transcription and digital publishing of archival materials related to the history of the North Florida region. I founded this project in 2020 and am the faculty leader and general editor.

The Viola Muse Digital Edition presents the papers of Viola Muse, a field worker for the Negro Writers Unit of the Federal Writers Project in Jacksonville in the 1930s. I co-lead this project with Dr. Laura Heffernan and Dr. Tru Leverette.